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Assignment 1 = 250 words

Research "Barriers to Cloud Computing." In your initial post for the week, identify barriers to the adoption of cloud computing and answer the following:

· Provide a reference to the article you found.
· Is there anything missing from the set of barriers in your list? If so, what?
· Is there any one barrier mentioned that you feel outweighs the others? Does your answer depend upon the type/size/location of an organization?
· How are the barriers tied to risks versus rewards for the organization?

You should identify at least two other sources of information on the barriers associated with cloud computing.

References in APA citation board

1. Make sure you provide the real article you used.
2. APA
3. Original and on-time

Assignment 2 = 500 words

Review the websites above on the top Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). Select four CSPs and provide a comparison of the four in terms of functionality, cost, security, and any other factors you can find. Consider including an "infographic" comparing the service providers along with your written assessment. Given the recent upsurge in CSPs, what guidelines would you recommend to a company that was considering cloud adoption?

Your assignment should be in a Word compatible document with proper attention to spelling, punctuation, and grammar. All references and citations must be in APA.

Reference no: EM131099672

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