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Make an enquiry regarding business.

I am a startup business man and currently working to launch this project which I call it "afternoon tea bus". Basically, the idea of this café/ restaurant (brunch) is going to be based inside a vehicle (bus) that will offer a variety of food selection. We are aiming to offer (Arabic, middle eastern, French) cuisines. The bus will be parked at the busiest location of Qatar "the pearl"

Another service we offer, is that customers can reserve the bus for their special occasions on an hour basis and will tour around the land marks of the pearl Qatar

I am seeking your help to provide me a proposal and business study plan for my business to push it further. Below are the key points I require:

- Cover Sheet

- 1.0 Executive Summary
- Mission
o Objectives
o Keys to Success
- 2.0 Company Summary
- 3.0 Services
- 4.0 Market Analysis Summary
- 5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary
- 6.0 Web Plan Summary
- 7.0 Management Summary
- 8.0 Financial Plan
- 9.0 Sample Menus

The study must be in this layout

Table of Contents
Product or Service
Market Environment
Business Model
Marketing and Sales Strategy
Production/Operating Requirements
Management and Personnel Requirements
Intellectual Property
Regulations/Environmental Issues
Critical Risk Factors
Financial Projections

Balance Sheet Projections Income Statement Projections Cash Flow Projections Break-even Analysis Capital Requirements & Strategy Recommendations & Findings ConclusionThe idea:

This bus will be parked in the main area of the pearl welcoming you to experience branch time as fancy as London style. High tea accompanied with an array of tasty sandwiches and delicious cakes and pastries.

Attachment:- Afternoon tea bus.pdf

Reference no: EM131336977

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