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DO: Review A Use of Control Charts

Control charts are a relatively simple way of doing fundamental statistics on random variables that are measured sequentially through time.

Go to any source available to you UUSI like you did for the 'Statistics from My Interest Are,' assignment) and find a use of control charts in an area that interests you. (1,y search words: 'control chart. and whatever your interest area is; if no results are found, choose another interest area).

Provide a printout of the control chart, and one page of your comments on the control chart, including naming, the variable and its type, the length of the data record, the 'sigma limit used, the criteria used for determining when the system was 'out of control," and summarize (in your own words) the consultations developed in the article from the control chart. Provide no more than one page of material copied from the web or other source.

Reference no: EM131211716

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