Provide a definition of justice reinvestment

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Workbook on Indigenous Contemporary Issues

The Workbook is a take home assessment item. Students will be required to provide responses to each question in relation to the Unit topics. This task is to assess how you understand the topic and your ability to concisely communicate your perceptions of its theme/s. The questions require short answer responses with a minimum of 200 words and maximum of 300 words per question. Minimum two references per question.


1. Provide a definition of ‘justice reinvestment' and include an example (cannot be an example discussed in the lecture).

2. Briefly outline and discuss a positive stereotype of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people portrayed in the media.

3. Provide a brief overview of a successful program to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment. Why is the program successful?

4. Provide a brief overview of a program to help ‘Close the Gap' in life expectancy and health equality between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

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Reference no: EM13263152

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