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1. Create a plan that will take you through the steps and tasks associated with understanding, researching, developing, writing, refining and producing all the other parts of this assignment. Structure and document the plan in the form of a top-down flowchart.

2. Provide a brief overview of your work organisation (including its main activities), describe your own job and responsibilities, and show and explain how your job fits into the structure of your organisation.

This information should not be overly detailed, but should be sufficient for me to put the rest of the assignment in context.

3. Identify three of your organisation's processes or sub-processes (where possible, ones to which you contribute),and for each of the three:

- Name them (and if a sub-process, name the process to which they belong)

- Give a brief explanation of their purpose [2 or 3 sentences for each at most]

- Make considered observations about how successfully each is currently operating (eg note any problems, weaknesses, errors or irritations that are commonly being experienced by internal and/ or external customer) [2 or 3 sentences for each at most]

4. Create a written procedure for any one of the three processes or sub-process identified in part 3 of this assignment (as it is really performed, rather than as you or your organisation think it ought to be performed). The information should be of an adequate level for the people who perform the tasks to follow (ie don't produce just a higher level management overview).

The format, set-out and structure of your written procedure should be the same as is shown in the two Humanities International Office example generic written procedures issued with this assignment. But, in addition, at the start of your procedure add a concise explanation of why the process or sub-process is important and give a short explanation of its purpose.

Reference no: EM13665465

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