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Topic Selection

Select any one company from the list provided in Appendix 1 of this ECA. You can also consider using other companies not shown on the list but the company should have at least two optical retail shops and approval should be sought from your lecturer/instructor. Once you have decided on the company, please register your company with your lecturer/instructor for validation. A maximum of 3 students are allowed to select the same company and approval by your lecturer will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis.


• This ECA focuses on the premiumisation and growth of optical retail stores within the context of rising myopia among young children in Singapore. You will need to factor this consideration in your answers.

• You need to carry out secondary research about your selected company and the eyewear retail business from sources such as press articles, news publications, marketing journals, annual reports, Internet websites and advertisements (also available at UniSIM Blackboard E-Resources). You may also wish to visit the company's optical retail shops. However, no interviews are required. You may base your primary research on observations.

• The total length of the report should not exceed 10 type-written pages with font New Times Roman, size 12, 1.5 spacing (excluding cover page, table of contents, references and appendices).

• Proper referencing format using the APA format or the Harvard referencing format is required. There will be a penalty of 5 marks if referencing is not carried out properly.

Question 1

Provide a background of the company you have selected. In your answer, describe the company background, products / services and target market(s) in Singapore. Cite your information sources.

Question 2

Examine and discuss how the selected company currently makes use of the marketing mix concept of product (and/or service), pricing and distribution in the Singapore market. You need to explain the product/service mix and two (2) points for each area of pricing and distribution.
Note: For distribution, students can consider covering the retail marketing decisions.

Question 3

Examine and discuss the responses of the primary target market/s to your selected company and its products and services using the hierarchy of effects model. Based on your discussion of the three (3) stages of consumer responses, namely cognitive, affective and behaviour, determine two (2) communication objectives for your company's marketing communications campaign.

Question 4

Assume that your company would like to tap into the growing market segments of preschoolers and primary school children suffering from myopia. Your team is tasked to develop a 6-month marketing communications campaign targeting the children and their parents. The communication objectives of the campaign are:

(i) to raise the children's awareness of your company and its products and services by 50 per cent, and

(ii) to educate the children and their parents on the importance of good eye care and regular eye examinations.

Discuss and propose the marketing communications mix for the communications campaign using four (4) marketing communications tools, including events and experiences and sales promotion. Please provide specific details in your recommendations where appropriate, and explain how you would integrate the various tools to achieve the communication objectives.

Question 5

This final question requires you to conduct a literature search and comment on a research paper. First, login to your UniSIM Student Portal and access the Library E-Resources.

Using any of the databases listed (such as ABI-INFORM Complete, ScienceDirect and Passport), select one (1) journal paper that focuses on brand equity as the main subject of the research.

(a) Based on this journal paper you have selected, create a table with the following information:

S/No Name of


Title of


Title of




Volume Number Author(s)



(b) Read the paper you have selected above and explain (in your own words) the key findings as discussed in the journal paper. Provide a summary.


Prepare a video recording of the presentation of at least 3 minutes but not exceeding 6 minutes. Your file size should be no more than 50MB and the format is in either .wmv or .mov.

(Note: You do not need to include Question 1 and 5 in your video recording)


Prepare a set of PowerPoint presentation upon which the video presentation is based. Please note that the PowerPoint must be converted to PDF before submission to MyUniSIM (Blackboard).

(Note: You do not need to include Question 1 and 5 in your slides)

Appendix 1

List of optical retail shops with at least two outlets

1. Better Vision

2. Capitol Optical

3. Eye Bejewelled

4. Eyechamp Optometrists

5. Eyelink

6. Eyes 2 Eyes Gallery

7. Koolook Pte Ltd

8. Lim Kay Khee Optical and Contact Lens Centre

9. Mee Mee Optics

10. Mr Eyewear

11. Nanyang Optical

12. Nation Optical

13. Optic Point

14. Optical 88 (S)

15. Optics Premier

16. Optics Today

17. Optique Paris Miki

18. Owndays Singapore

19. Pearl's Optical

20. Spectacle Hut

21. Spex

22. The Lens Men

23. The Point Optical and Contact Lens Centre

24. Visual Arts Optics and Contact Lens Centre.

Reference no: EM13837746

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