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Guidelines for the ENGL 212 research paper:

Dr. Hyo Kim

Text & Context

This final essay assignment is designed to get you to examine more closely how a literary text is always informed by its historical context. To that end, analyze how one of the texts in the course syllabus is reflecting, inter- and re-acting, and/or critiquing some specific aspect of the historical/cultural context to which it belongs. For example, how might you read Confucius's Analects as a critique or response to the specific socio-historical context to which it belongs? Notice how in responding to the above question you would need to have an understanding of the specific historical context of the literary text. You may choose to write on the above topic or create your own. As this is a research paper, you must incorporate at least three to five relevant secondary sources as support for your argument.

Note: This (5-7-pages) research paper cannot be rewritten so proofread your work carefully. The prospectus for the research paper should be typed and should not exceed 300 words: It should include a working title, the titles of three to five secondary sources and a summary of your research topic/question. Due date for the research paper is the last day of classes. Papers that are not formatted according to the MLA style will be penalized.

Reference no: EM131056030

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