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Regarding the Cloud service providers. I want those 4 CSPs for the assignment question.

Q: Conduct a little research and determine if they publish any information to a prospective customer on data security. Specifically while data is at rest (stored), while data is being processed, and while data is in transit. If you find that the original concerns still exist, provide an opinion on why there has been no change. If you find the concerns have been addressed, what contributed to the change?

Your assignment should be in a Word compatible document with proper attention to spelling, punctuation, and grammar. All references and citations must be in APA or MLA format.

This assignment should be a minimum of two pages in length and is due at the end of the academic week.

Any misspellings or grammar issues will result in deductions from the total score. This assignment's score will appear in the online grade book following the end academic week.

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Reference no: EM13847109

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