Pros-cons of standardization for international advertising

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1. What are the pros and cons of standardization for international advertising? How do most companies approach the complexities of international advertising?

2. Please describe a time when you experienced conflict in an office setting. 1. What was the situation? 2. What was the action you took to resolve the situation? 3. What was the outcome?

3. Assume you are the manager of a small firm that is dependent on a large computer manufacturing customer that uses the resource-dependence perspective. Put yourself in the position of the small firm, and describe what actions you would take to survive and succeed. What actions would you take from the perspective of the large firm?

Reference no: EM132234616

What is the effective interest cost of this loan

Set up the amortization schedule for a five-year, $1 million, 9 percent term loan that requires equal annual end-of-year principal payments plus interest on the unamortized lo

Bmc cash conversion cycle and payables deferral period

Its annual sales are $12000000 and its cost of good sold represents 80 percent of annual sales. Assume there are 365 days in a year. What is bmc's cash conversion cycle and

Controlling the actions of suppliers and sub-contractors

What is the responsibility of a company, such as Fonterra or BP, in controlling the actions of suppliers and sub-contractors? This question is in regards to the Melamine Milk

Conflicts are inherent part of project management process

Conflicts are an inherent part of the project management process. To manage and mitigate conflicts on a project, the project manager (PM) must become a skilled negotiator. Con

Calculate regression equation for preceding demand data

Choose At least four key elements, tools, also/or concepts relevant to operations management also/or duties of an operations manager or operations management. Describe them

The role of creativity is important in management

The role of creativity is important in management. “engaged" employees are more likely to put forth what level of effort relative to task and job performance? One of the major

Pros-cons of using employee referrals for recruiting workers

What are the pros and cons of using employee referrals for recruiting workers? Present the advantages and disadvantages of recruiting through an internal search and external s

Elucidates what are the two major subcomponents of a water

Elucidates what are the 2 major subcomponents of a "water" bill for hotels. Why might water bills for the same quantity of water usage differ from location to location.


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