Pros and cons of the imf programs

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Please address the pros and cons of the IMF programs using an example from one of the IMF programs and discuss the conditionality of the IMF loans.

Reference no: EM132184964

Compute schedule that requires minimum number

Assume that all courses are offered every semester and that the student can take an unlimited number of courses. Given a list of courses and their prerequisites, compute a s

Two consecutive integers n and n+1

it can be shown that if gcd (m, n) = 1 then φ(mn) = φ(m) φ(n). Using this property and the property that φ(p) = p -1 for prime, it is straightforward to determine the value

Active directory server to manage users accounts

From the scenario above,you are charged with the task of pointing out the security threats that should be taken into consideration of the organization network and systems,wr

Determine the type of representation of knowledge

Determine the type of representation of knowledge of the robot's simulated environment to be used and processed by a self-organizing neural network acting as its "brain." By

Find the speed of the car

A shooter shots gunfire at an interval of 16 seconds. A man in a car that starts travelling from a distance of 160 km can hear the gunshots at an interval of 15 seconds. Fin

What is the probability that four odd numbers are drawn

Fifty tickets, numbered consecutively from 1 to 50 are placed in a box. Four tickets are drawn without replacement. What is the probability that four odd numbers are drawn?

Evaluating the bezier curves at intermediate times

During the animation, you will create intermediate states by evaluating the Bezier curves at intermediate times, and then use these intermediate states to display an interme

Algorithm to find the kth largest key

Given two sorted arrays A and B, of sizes n1 and n2 respectively, design an algorithm to find the kth largest key. The order of growth of the worst case running time of your


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