Pros and cons of mediation versus negotiation and litigation

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Have you ever found yourself in a relationship (perhaps at work) where you undermined your own power currency? When someone else recognized your level of power or your RICE, what attributes became apparent? What can you do to develop your power currency?

What are the differences between forms of trust and active distrust? How can a "business relationship" approach assist disputants in a conflict situation where there is low trust or high distrust?

What are the five negotiation styles and when is it best to use them to resolve conflict?

Why is confidentiality an important element in mediation? What are some of the ways that confidentiality is protected in mediation?

Critically discuss the pros and cons of mediation versus negotiation and litigation?

When is it appropriate to ask if conflict diagnosis is necessary? Why?

How does one choose an appropriate dispute resolution process?

What are the ethical and practical issues that complicate the use of alternative dispute resolution tools?

Reference no: EM1381672

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