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Part of your marketing plan is due by the end of Week 4. You will complete sections D and E of your marketing plan.

Competitors and Substitutes: should include a comprehensive list of current and potential competitors and substitutes. This list could be organized by industry, company type, or actual firm. It should state the market share. This section should also include information on the likely strategies of each competitor relating to the proposed product. (2 pages)

Price: proposed pricing structure for the product. It should include any special offers or discounts. (2 pages)

Reference no: EM131152610

Changing landscape-nvca

Referring to the article Thrifty Does It discuss how cloud computing and open source software changes the landscape for tech start ups. Explain how cloud computing and open

How will you solicit customer created content

What actions do you recommend for the organization to do to create positive word of mouth for your product? Utilize the Tipping Point concepts of the Law of the Few, Stickin

Defines the new organization addressing

Prepare a draft document that defines the new organization addressing the following considerations: What type of structure will be best suited to a multinational internet reta

Swot analysis of the product or service

The SWOT analysis of the product/service you are developing for this course. (HINT: It is ok, and recommended, to list more than one item in each category.)  You may include

How do you build a sustainable creative culture

Describe the post purchase evaluation process for a high involvement product. What are the likely marketing outcomes from met expectations? What are the likely marketing o

Develop a hardware and software specification document

Develop a hardware and software specification document for the system.-Also Include the purpose and importance of the hardware and software specifications in a system developm

Competitive environment of baldwin company

Bam is a product of the Baldwin Company which is primarily in the Nano segment, but is also sold in another segment. Baldwin starts to create their sales forecast by assumin

What are some likely targets of a cyberterrorist

Briefly discuss the potential for cyberterrorism to cause a major disruption in your daily life. What are some likely targets of a cyberterrorist? What sort of action could


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