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Propose a new process for recruiting and selecting employees to work in your current work position or a previous work position you have held. Explain why you think this process may be more effective than what is currently carried out. Be creative in your response, but keep in mind EEO laws and other HR concerns discussed thus far. For follow-up discussion, critique the processes proposed of two of your classmates. What are some pros of their process? Is there anything they did not consider?

Reference no: EM131269584

How much is total annual costs of ordering-holding inventory

Steve's Tire and Lube (inventory policy) A continuous review policy is used for all car parts and supplies, but Steve believes this system may require too much time to maintai

Order quantity that minimizes total annual cost of inventory

The Central Hydraulic Supply Company is a distributor of hydraulic supplies in the Midwest. Central handles standard fittings, tubing, and similar items. What is the order qua

Issues in specific delivery settings

Refine your questions so that they are relevant to the person or policy that the interview is based on. Conduct the interview at the agreed upon time in a professional manne

Adjusted forecast to predict demand for packaged tours

The manager of a travel agency has been using a seasonally adjusted forecast to predict demand for packaged tours. The actual and predicted values are as follows: Period Deman

Describe the strategies which dupont''s management

Describe the strategies which DuPont's management used to respond to the ozone controversy before the 1978 ban. Identify the social costs and risks associated with these str

Realistic job preview and organizational cultures

In 1.5 or less single spaced pages answer the follow: In this unit you have been exposed to a number of organizations. Discuss organizations culture and briefly discuss the th

Create restaurant business plan-decision alternatives

Decision Alternatives: Describe the process used to determine alternatives, including a discussion of other alternatives that seem relevant and the reasons these were not anal

Describe the differences in the leadership practices

Conduct research on MSO, focusing on the period when it was most successful (before the current crisis). What kinds of leadership patterns can you discern that would explain t


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