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My selected topic is jet airways.

As a group comprising 4 students, you are required to choose a brand and to propose a brand transformation plan for a real-world business problem.

The group course work includes:

  • a group presentation



How long?

Which format?

How many slides?

What do I need to present?

Are there any questions after the presentation?

Each student should present?

When will I receive the presentation mark/feedback?


Consider these areas first:

  • Brand awareness: Is your brand one of the top of mind set?
  • Perceived quality: Are customers happy with the brand quality?
  • Brand associations: Is your brand linked to positive/favourable things?
  • Customer loyalty: Are customers loyal to your brand?

If the answer is yes to all these questions, your task might be difficult.

If the answer is no to one or more, that's a good starting point for your coursework.

Focus on this area(s), and ask why, how, ...


1. To identify the main considerations for your transformation plan

2. The way any company has operated in the past is a starting point to determine where it will go and where it should go

3. Where we are currently, the factors that have contributed to this, and a review of what has been going well and what has been going badly and is in need of attention.


  • What competitors will you face?
  • What's your differentiation point?
  • What are the opportunities?
  • What is going on that could dramatically change things?
  • How might that lead to a fresh positioning of your brand?


  • Drivers of brand choice refer to how consumers might choose between different brands within a product category. What drives their brand selection?
  • Consumer research can help you identify the different drivers of choice in the product category (here the focus should be the category your brand belongs to)
  • What are the features (drivers, attributes) customers consider before buying a product?
  • BUT do companies need to gain customer insights?


  • You need to select the market spaces that are most attractive and feasible for the brand to target and own
  • The goal is to identify specific opportunities that are financially attractive and also available to capture
  • Ideally, these are "white spaces" (not already owned by any existing brand) or are adjacent to where the company's brand currently plays.


Reference no: EM131342395

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