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I have to submit the university 2 proposal for my dissertation in MSc Supply Chain Management and they request me to fill the 2 parts in the attached sheet.

I prefer to have the 4 proposal in form of Part A table and before you complete part B and I will confirm you with 2 topics only to proceed with part B with same structure mentioned.

I can pay the cost for part A initially and after choosing 2 topics out of 4, I can pay for part B (1,500 world count per each research topic).

A- You first fill a brief form outlining your topic:


Provisional title of your dissertation and central research question(s)

The topic(s) or issue(s) you wish to investigate

What facts or information will you need to gather? How will you go about doing this?

To which subject area(s) is this proposal in your view most strongly related?

e.g. Strategy, Organizations, Marketing, supply chain, logistics, procurement

B- The second submission is a formal proposal of about 1,500 words, detailing the work to be done

During your research methods module you will have already prepared a proposal for a dissertation. You will usually further develop this proposal in terms of final dissertation.

You will therefore find it useful to discuss your proposal with your supervisor before you start on the dissertation proper. In order to assist you in this discussion you may find the following structure useful:
- Proposed title
- Central research question(s)
- Rationale for the study
- Context of the study
- Aim
- Objectives
- Proposed methodology
- Limitations of the study
- Delimitations of the study
- Proposed structure of the study
- References

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Reference no: EM13859778

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