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Eagle Outfitters is a chain of stores specializing in outdoor apparel and camping gear. It is considering a promotion that involves mailing discount coupons to all its credit card customers. This promotion will be considered a success if more than 10% of those receiving the coupons use them. Before going national with the promotion, coupons were sent to a
sample of 100 credit card customers.

a. Develop hypotheses that can be used to test whether the population proportion of those who will use the coupons is sufficient to go national.

b. Use a = 0.05 to conduct your hypothesis test. Should Eagle go national with the promotion?

Reference no: EM13108486

Mean and standard deviation for the time to complete

a. Compute the mean and standard deviation for the time to complete calls to English-speaking service representatives. b. Compute the mean and standard deviation for the time

Find the probability that day would be a winter day

If you were told that on a particular day it was raining in Vancouver, what would be the probability that this day would be a winter day?

Is there difference in interest rates paid by two states

A bond analyst is analyzing the interest rates for equivalent municipal bonds issued by two different states. At= .05, is there a difference in the interest rates paid by

Evidence that treatment decreases surface hardness

Suppose that population variances from both conditions are equal is there evidence that treatment decreases  surface hardness of steel plates?

Explain positive predictive value

Assuming the sensitivity and specificity of the screening test are the same, which of the following statements about positive predictive value (PPV) applies.

State the hypothesis and test statistic

A sample of 200 traffic accidents this year showed 74 persons were also involved in another accident within the last five years. Use the .01 significance level. Can we use z

Evidence of difference in proportion of dvds purchased

At 0.05 level significance, is there evidence of the difference in proportion of dvds purchased on basis of the kind of media used (Mailing, E-Mail)?

Expectation and hypothesis testing

An experiment is set to test the hypothesis that a given coin is unbiased. The decision rule is the following: Accept the hypothesis if the number of heads in a sample of 20


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