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Does the writer address the proper audience in a level and tone that is reasonable?

Does the writer adequately define the relevance of the topic to Supply Chain Information Systems?

Does the writer offer a line of argument that explicitly and fully addresses,

1. Background & definition

2. Importance/purpose of the technology

3. Main functionality

4. Implementation requirements

5. Costs

6. Benefits and risks

Does the writer use careful arrangement strategies-a  meaningful context, well-organized content and an appropriatr close that increases the  the message's persuasiveness? Are the visuals appropriate and well organized. Does the document flow so that the reader gets a clear meaning in a single reading?

Does the writer use:

  • Complete sentences?
  • Well-crafted paragraphs?
  • Correct punctuation?
  • Is all material cited properly?
  • Is the paper well-edited?

Reference no: EM13933068

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