Prompts the user to input the shipping cost per liter

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Amanda and Tyler opened a business that specializes in shipping liquids, such as milk, juice, and water, in cylinderical containers.

The shipping charges depend on the amount of the liquid in the container. (For simplicity, you may assume that the container is filled to the top.) They also provide the option to paint the outside of the container for a reasonable amount. Write a program that does the following:

a. Prompts the user to input the dimensions (in feet) of the container (radius of the base and the height).

b. Prompts the user to input the shipping cost per liter.

c. Prompts the user to input the paint cost per square foot. (Assume that the entire container including the top and bottom needs to be painted.)

d. Separately outputs the shipping cost and the cost of painting.

Reference no: EM132137143

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