Promotion objectives and balance of the promotion mix

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As a marketing director for a small firm that markets travel tours to Europe, you are in the process of developing a promotion plan. What recommendations do you have for the senior management team regarding (a) the promotion objectives, (b) the balance of the promotion mix, and (c) the use of a push or pull strategy?

Reference no: EM131125833

What would initial steps be to start planning for changes

Jennifer, the owner and manager of a company with ten employees, has hired you to take over the HRM function so she can focus on other areas of her business. What are some con

Potential to be an underground oil field

Shamrock Oil owns a parcel of land that has a potential to be an underground oil field. It will cost $500,000 to drill for oil. If oil does exist on the land, Shamrock will re

Mechanistic organization and organic organization

The term bureaucratic has the same meaning as mechanistic when the topic is organizational structure. What is a mechanistic organization? Where do you see this type of structu

Assume the role of communication consultant

Assume the role of communication consultant. You have been asked to assist a rather traditional organization in changing its culture to a more open and collaborative culture.

Described the present situation in writing

Harry, a senior manager at Pine and Acorn Consultancy, needs to decide how best to expand the services of Pine and Acorn in new markets. He is following the model for creative

High-touch model that focuses on positive interactions

Chobani has instituted a high-touch model that focuses on positive interactions with its customers, including handwritten personal notes of thanks from its consumer loyalty te

Choose an epidemic or global disease

Choose an epidemic or global disease and discuss the causes and effects and the organizations involved in reduction of the risk? What is being done? Do you feel safe traveling

Explain the core principles or features of the deontological

Body Paragraphs Each paragraph in the body should start with a topic sentence that clearly identifies the main idea of the paragraph. ?Theory explanation Explain the core pr


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