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The product me and my group choose is THE CURVED SCREEN 4K SAMSUNG TV and we are targeting consumers not business consumers and with promotion mix strategy is the pull strategy. I am going to attach all the pages in my text book about it and which explains everything. thank you. Select your product (new product, and not a well known brand). Create a successful IMC strategy with explanation of each (remember, this what YOU think the strategy should be): - Communication objective/target audience--- pg. 414 Based on your target audience, what is the communication objective - what is the purchasing stage are the buyers in? Are you creating awareness or do you want your audience that's ready to purchase? Do your potential buyers need information, need to be more educated about the product, or do these buyers have enough information to be ready to purchase? - Message design (AIDA). media selection, and Source ---pg. 415 Consider the AIDA approach; What's the content, structure, and format of your message? As for media, will it be primarily personal or nonpersonal? - Promotion mix (Rank each of the 5 in order of priority, include pros & cons of each one) --- pg. 418-423 Based on your objective & target audience message design & media selection, review the advantages/disadvantages of each tool of the promotion mix. Then rank each promotion tool, most important to least important with an explanation of your selection. No need to select them all - only the ones that would work for your strategy. - PLC/How is it an Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy? Remember to take the PLC into consideration when designing your message/media & promotion mix. And finally, how will there be a clear, consistent message throughout each promotion tool that is to be implemented? - Budget (pg. 418) --- what budget will you consider?

Reference no: EM13943723

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