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What is organizational justice, and how are its four types of justice different from one another? What specific things can managers do to help to promote perceptions of fairness in their organizations? Have you ever been a victim of organizational injustice? If so, what types of justice were violated? How did you react? What could have been done to avoid these injustices? What is the difference between ethics and moral values, and why should managers be concerned about promoting ethical behavior? What do you believe are the major ethical challenges faced by your company? What might be done to make people in your company behave more ethically?

Reference no: EM131147186

Employee in the HR department at healthcare organization

Cathy is a recently hired employee in the HR department at a healthcare organization. She believes the organization would benefit if it could reduce the rates and severity of

The costs associated with the enforcement laws

Discuss in detail the use of drug counts. How do they operate? are they sucessful? Discuss the potential of drug counts to reduce: ( 1) the demand for illicit drug and (2) the

Organizational culture-complex clinical work flows

Why has implementation of information technology in health care and public health been so slow in comparison to other industries? Discuss the relative importance of factors su

Discuss the concept of birth tourism

In your initial post, discuss the concept of "birth tourism" and how that process works, including the pros and cons as you see them. Finally, state your personal thoughts on

Compare pricing strategies for new products

Before engaging in the discussions each week, please read/view all of the readings and resources provided in the unit. Compare pricing strategies for new products to the price

Disputes out of court through formal or informal processes

Alternative dispute resolution involves resolving disputes out of court through formal or informal processes such as mediation and arbitration. Describe the value of these two

Create a swot analysis to understand blockbusters strengths

Who are Blockbuster's main competitors? What advantages does Blockbuster have, and what advantages do competitors hold? Create a SWOT analysis to understand Blockbuster’s stre

Hypothesis testing assumptions

Why is it important that a sample be random? What can you do if you cannot use a probability sampling technique? (For example, suppose there is no good sampling frame availabl


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