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Liz is the project manager of a new project to develop a corporate Web site. Her project team is almost complete, but some of the key positions on the team have not been filled. The most experienced individuals in the company who may fill these positions are available only for limited periods during the project life cycle. Getting similar experienced individuals from outside the company could increase project costs significantly, and in the process result in cost overruns. Liz has experience using the priority rules to allocate project scarce resources, in this case the most experienced individuals. She has asked you for advice on how to proceed. What should Liz do with regard to including most experienced internal vs. external resources on her project team? Provide the rationale of your answer. Discuss what purposes might be served if Liz uses each of the following priority rules for allocating scarce resources: as soon as possible, most critical followers, and most resources first.

Reference no: EM131365369

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