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Project Team and Stakeholder Management - Essay

Read the project case for this assignment.

As the project manager for the District 4 Warehouse Move project, you will need to determine who your stakeholders and project team members are for this project. Remember that anyone connected to the project who has an interest or stake in the project should be considered as a stakeholder. This would include the project team, vendors and management among possible others.  

After you have determined who your stakeholders are, determine who will need to be a part of the project team. Develop a 2-3 page paper (650-750 words) in the form of a Microsoft Word document, not including the header and reference pages, defining the following:

  1. How will project communications and interactions work between the project manager, the stakeholders and the project team?
  2. What are some of the issues you, as the project manager will need to be concerned about in forming the project team?
  3. What, if any, situational factors exist that may affect the project team's performance?
  4. What are some project pitfalls you will want to watch out for as you execute this project?

Reference no: EM13789743

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