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As a health services manager, you have been asked to submit a project proposal to the Board of Executives to fully utilise a grant of AUD$150 000 recently received by your organisation.

The choice of health project is yours. Must provide sufficient information to enable the organisation's Board of Executives to understand the rationale for the program and the activities required to design, implement and evaluate the program including any additional data that would need to be collected. Based on your outline plan, the Board of Executives should be able to determine whether the benefits delivered by the program are justified given the effort, resources, risk factors and dependencies that you have identified.

As the project is hypothetical, you may make any assumptions you like. However, you need to state any assumptions that you make very clearly (for example regarding the scope or type of services to be provided, the target group, the area in which it will be implemented). Remember, the aim of this assignment is to develop an outline plan for a project based on existing data available. You are NOT required to develop a complete project plan or to collect any additional data as part of this assignment.

Your outline project plan should be presented to a professional standard that can be submitted to the Board of Executives, including an executive summary, introduction, situation analysis, implementation plan including timeline, evaluation strategy, budget and resources, and a risk analysis including suitable management strategies.

Feasibility Assessment

  1. Identify existing or emerging internal and external environmental factors which may affect the project (e.g. organisational, political, economic, cultural, existing programs)
  2. Speculate on likely future issues which should be considered
  3. Identify stakeholders who should be consulted or involved in the project
  4. Review the competitive environment in which the project will be implemented.
  5. Describe any additional data that needs to be collected in order to complete a feasibility assessment for the project. Describe how additional data will be collected.

Reference no: EM131369

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