Project plan schedule and a staff organisation
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Assignment on Project schedule and staff organization sections.

Please the instructions in the documents.

At this point in the Project Plan Outline process, you and your group have a clearer understanding of the planning process to correlate the interdependencies between sections of the Project Plan Outline.

The feedback that you have received from your Instructor also has highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of your group's research, thinking and project management strategies. How have identifying project risks shaped of the Project plan Outline?

Plan Outline: a Project Plan Schedule and a Staff Organisation.

Note: Your group will continually revise the Project Plan Outline draft as you receive feedback from your Instructor. Please make any required changes to the earlier sections of your project plan and note the revision history.

To complete the Project Plan: Project Schedule and Staff Organisation: Create a single document. Embed both text and images in the document.

Group Project should be submitted in the following format:

Project Schedule

This section presents an overview of project tasks and the output of a project scheduling tool.

1. Project task list: The tasks that have been selected for the project are presented in this section.

2. Task network: Project tasks and their dependencies are noted in this diagrammatic form.

3. Timeline chart: A project timeline chart (Gantt chart) is presented. Please embed the Gantt chart in the document, as this is the way end users would see it.

4.0 Staff Organisation

The manner in which staff members are organised and the mechanisms for reporting are noted in this section.

1. Team structure: The team structure for the project is identified. Roles are defined. Include an organisation chart.

2. Management reporting and communication: Mechanisms for progress reporting and inter/intra team communication are identified.

These sections should have 750-1,000 words (not including the list of works cited), but it is the quality of the answer that matters, not the number of words. Cite and reference all sources using the Harvard Liverpool Referencing System.


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Scheduling a project is always a time based description of all the sequence of activities related to the project. The time factor is most important and it is one of the triple constraints which compete with budget, scope and schedule. To analyze and display the schedule of the project there are different techniques were employed. Using technique can focus on different aspect which is related to the project. The project scheduling distributes effort

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