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Currently the project management landscape includes traditional project management, agile project management and a number of other models and variations. The traditional model is good for projects that are well defined and goals are clear. Additionally few changes are expected and much of the project effort is known and well supported by tools, templates, and team member skill sets. a. Indicate unique factors that define traditional project management efforts and list strengths of the Traditional linear PMLC.

Reference no: EM131415717

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Analyzed acquired customer data and developed strategies

Caterpillar needed to know what truck fleets should test their two new engines; how they could get a marketing strategy that could be measured; and how to adjust for the comin

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Builds depends on approval of zoning requests

A builder has located a piece of property that she would like to buy and eventually build on. The land is currently zoned for four homes per acre, but she is planning to reque


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