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Reading and Research Assignment #1
Topic: Project Management and Virtual Teams
1. Search the Web and locate three (3) Web sites that relate to the topic. These sites could be white papers or research documents found on research databases, commercial or non-commercial sites that have something to do with the topics, or news articles that discuss the topics. For each URL write a oneparagraph summary of the Web site focusing on how it relates to the topic.
2. Create a Word document containing the following
? A title page containing your name, course, assignment and date.
? A Background Section (minimum two pages) discussing what you found in your research from
reading the text and performing research on Internet. This is what the author's think about the
topic and where most the readings should be cited. Don't just reiterate your summaries here,
the point is to synthesize the readings into a coherent analysis that could be presented to an
? An Analysis Section (minimum one page), which is what you learned about the topic. Other
authors may be cited here as well to support your analysis.
? A URLs section containing the three URL'< s with their accompanying paragraph from step
? Reference section.
This paper should follow APA guidelines with a title page; and APA style citations and reference
page. No table of contents or abstract is required.
3. Submit the Word document to the appropriate assignment in the Blackboard Assignments
area. The scoring will be as follows.
Title Page 1 point
All Sections 1 point
Citations 1 point
References 1 point
The paper must demonstrate the student has made an effort to learn and
evaluate the topic. This is accomplished by documenting the student's
research in the Background section. The Analysis section is reserved for the
student's knowledge with discussion and comments about their
understanding of assignment topic.
5 points
Three URLS with accompanying paragraph discussing the subject matter
contained within the URL 

Reference no: EM13760934

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