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Project Management

Project Scheduling 

Develop and build the following project schedule.

1. Use the table below to develop a precedence diagram

2. Identify the early start and early finish for each task

3. Identify the late start and late finish for each task

4. Identify the float in each task

5. Identify any tasks that have free float

. Activity -              Immediate Preceding Activity                      - Duration

a. Excavate                             --                                                         5

b. Foundation                            a                                                         2

c. Frame                                   b                                                        12

d. Electric                                  c                                                         9

e. Roof                                      c                                                        5

f. Brick                                      c                                                        8

g. Finish interior                          d                                                        10

h. Finish exterior                         d                                                         7

i. Landscape                               h                                                         5

All five activities must be included in the answer.

MS Project (or any scheduling software) is not to be used.  Use post-its, PPT, Excel, Word, Visio, or any drawing type software.

Reference no: EM13874075

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