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The project leader must orient those participating in the design process steps and expand their competencies to engage in various phases. List each of these phases. Also, define beliefs, values, and critical factors.

Understanding the healing experience from the patient’s and user’s perspectives through facility-related components is paramount.  These components are clustered into seven (7) curricular themes.  List each of these themes.

Huelat and Wan offer eight (8) new attributes for the healing environment.  List and discuss these eight (8) new attributes.

Your textbook authors discuss the concept of, “1 + 1 does not always equal 2.”  Discuss what they mean by this concept.

List and discuss the two types of teams within the WSSG.

What is meant by the four concepts of:  reflection, contemplation, meditation, and meaning?

The Class book is Innovation Leadership: Creating the Landscape of Healthcare By Tim Porter-O'Grady, Kathy Malloch

Reference no: EM131033563

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