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Offex Corporate Website

For this assignment, you are required to work on different aspects of the project described below for the next five weeks.

Imagine you have to work on a project for building a corporate website for a company named Offex Limited.

Based on your understanding on different aspects of project management, create a 2- to 3-page detailed report in a Microsoft Word document that addresses the following:

Objective of the project

Identify the different phases of the project for building a corporate website, and learn how to initiate, plan, implement, and manage the project. Finally, close and document the project.

Project overview

Offex Limited is in the business of selling office equipment in Boston and wishes to increase market visibility by having a presence on the Internet. The CEO of Offex Limited has assigned you the responsibility to analyze the requirements for building the company website.
This job involves the following:

Conceptualizing and designing the website
Developing content for the web pages
Registering an appropriate domain name
Booking space for hosting the website
Publishing web pages
Testing and maintaining the website

Reference no: EM13802596

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