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Assignments: Project Approval Presentation (Course Project Part 6)

Develop an executive level presentation (12-15 APA formatted slides) to gain support for your project. It will be necessary to include the right level of detail to support your position and sell the project to the right level of management who must approve it. Ensure that you remain focused on strategy, structure, culture, leadership, teams, motivation, risks, resources, budgeting, scheduling, evaluation, and control. In addition make sure you create presentation notes...

Address the following questions in your project:

  • Now that you have identified critical information over the last 5 weeks do you see any risks in selling this project to your management team? Explain
  • You have indicated whether this project fits the strategic plan for the business.

IF this project fits the strategic plan, explain how you plan to present this project to your management?

IF this project does NOT fit the strategic plan, explain how you plan to present this project to your management.

Please use scholars articles and textbooks. No internet sources like Wikipedia and others.

Reference no: EM131089327

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