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Write down a program which asks for the user's age. On the basis of their response print "You may vote" (18 years old or older) or "You can't vote" and also specify whether or not he/she is a senior citizen (over 64). If senior citizen print "You are a Senior Citizen,you deserve two votes" .

Reference no: EM1322976

Find which statement is true and which statement is false

Two cells within a Karnaugh map are adjacent if only one variable is different between the coordinates of the two cells - Find which statement is true and which statement is f

Identifying the malicious activity in the program

State the most effective method in order to find if an attack has been made on the computer network? Specify the malicious activities does your recommendation recognize?

Draw the logic diagram of a 2-bit demultiplexer

Draw the logic diagram of a 2-bit demultiplexer, a circuit whose single input line is steered to one of the four output lines depending on the state of the two control lines

Developing the fsm diagram

Develop the FSM diagram showing how to identify a DOS-like file name containing an optional leading drive letter and a colon, followed by an optional backslash, zero or more

Sense making in health care organizations

Evaluate the most suitable way that the “sense making” may be applied to the health care organizations. Give the specific examples in order to support your response.

Present data in attractive reports and forms

With a recent growth in business, Great Outdoors Tours has developed a database in Access 2013 to organize its records. The company would like your help with presenting data

How many dots per inch are displayed on the monitor

ITEC 625 9083- How many dots per inch are displayed on this monitor? What is the size of an individual pixel? Would a 0.26mm pixel resolution monitor be sufficient for thi

What are the reasons of project failure

Make sure to contain how and why project was initiated, what setting up was done, how plan went wrong and what was done to solve the trouble. What are the reasons of proj


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