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1) The program office budgets $30,000 per program review at the contractor's site. Your concern for "end of year" spending drills is that you have budgeted enough for the reviews (i.e. you are only concerned if the actual costs are higher than the $30,000 target). A sample of 16 trips yielded a mean of $32,500 and a standard deviation of $3,500. Test the budgeted amount at the 80% level of confidence. Select the correct answer out of each pair of choices. (Carry intermediate calculations to three decimal places.)

Reference no: EM131134536

Is it possible that nicoles philosophy makes sense

If personal freedom exists, then humans are responsible for their actions." Is it possible that Nicole's philosophy makes sense? If so, what does it say about the mind, pers

Find the annual rate of premium payment

If the force of disability is a constant 0.03, the force of mortality is a constant 0.06, and the force of interest is a constant 0.05, find the annual rate of premium payme

Name the variable of interest

The faculty members at Boise State University were surveyed on the question "How satisfied were you with the Summer 2002 Schedule?" Their responses were to be categorized as

Increase and decrease of r-squared

In a regression analysis, if a new independent variable is added and R-squared increases and adjusted R-squared decreases precipitously, what can be concluded?

A random sample without replacement

In Figure 2.4, the locations of objects (e.g., trees, mines, dwellings) in a study region are given by the centers of "+" symbols. The goal is to estimate the number of obje

Relationship between the number of miles

A manager wishes to determine the relationship between the number of miles (in hundreds of miles) the manager's sales representatives travel per month and the amount of sale

Determine validity or invalidity of foreign emissaries

Determine the validity or invalidity of the original arguments.- Some foreign emissaries are people without diplomatic immunity, so some people invulnerable to arrest and pr

Explaining hypotheses and decision rule

At 5% level of significance, does this sample prove violation of guideline that average patient must pay no more than $250 out-of-pocket? Write your hypotheses and decision


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