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The following use case diagram represents a project management system. It shows an interaction between human resources, printers, project web servers, and backup systems. The human resources include the roles of project managers, resource managers, and system administrators.

The responsibility of a Project Manager is to manage projects by maintaining projects, activities, or tasks. He can publish project status by either generating a report from a printer or generating a web site from a project web server. The resource manager role is to manage resources. For example, when a project manager manages projects, a system administrator administers the system, and a resource manger manages resources, their activities are all logged. The system administrator role is to administer the system either by initiating the start up or shut down of the system. Before starting up and shutting down the system, data will be restored.

1303_Professional development plan.png

Consider the foliowing changes (1, 2) into the system and accommodate them into the diagram given above. You are required to draw the modified use cases based on following questions.

1. A Project Manager may manage his professional development plan. When managing his professional development plan, the project manager may also manage his profile. In managing his professional development plan, a planning system will be used and all the information pertaining to his professional development plan will be stored in that system.

2. A project manager or system administrator, acting as an email user, may send email using an email system. When sending email, the manager may select a secure option wherein his whole interaction with the system is secured using a purchased encryption engine. Note that this is not simply encrypting the sent email message, but encrypting the entire interaction as the email is composed and sent.

Reference no: EM13218560

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