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Award. Two brothers, both of whom are certi?ed public accountants (CPAs), form a professional association to provide tax-accounting services to the public. They also agree, in writing, that any disputes that arise between them over matters concerning the association will be sub-mitted to an independent arbitrator, whom they desig-nate to be their father, who is also a CPA. A dispute arises, and the matter is submitted to the father for arbitration. During the course of arbitration, which occurs over sev-eral weeks, the father asks the older brother, who is visit-ing one evening, to explain a certain entry in the brothers’ association accounts. The younger brother learns of the discussion at the next meeting for arbitration. He says nothing about it, however. The arbitration is concluded in favor of the older brother, who seeks a court order com-pelling the younger brother to comply with the award. The younger brother seeks to set aside the award, claiming that the arbitration process was tainted by bias because “Dad always liked my older brother best.” The younger brother also seeks to have the award set aside on the basis of improper conduct in that matters subject to arbitration were discussed between the father and older brother with-out the younger brother’s being present. Should a court con?rm the award or set it aside? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM131433419

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