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Bakery sellsproducts to both customers on a retail basis and products and services to customers on a wholesale basis. Since Lorry was originally a marketing major, she wants to be able to track and contact customers and people interested in Bakery and wants a database to be capable of storing customer information regardless of whether or not they have bought anything from Bakery. Lorry notes she hopes to use Big Data concepts to generate repeat business and fully expects retail and wholesale customers to continue to purchase from Bakery. For simplicity purposes, Lorry wants only one customer to be listed on each sales transaction, but a customer is not required. She also has asked for simplicity regarding employee data and has asked that employees be stored in only one location in the database regardless of their various functions (Head Chef, Sous Chef, Pastry Chef, Bus Boy, Cashier, corporate employees, etc.). As a result not all employees will be able to handle sales transactions. Lorry has asked for the ability to track the number of sales each cashier performs so she can analyze the cashier’s performance over time and the sales transactions they process and sales they generate. Each sales transaction will require the use of only one employee. Required: Create a UML Diagram for Bakery.

Reference no: EM131126834

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