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Operations and production management can affect business strategy. Two strategies that deal with such operational management are Total Quality Management (TQM) and International Standards Organization (ISO) 9000.

Briefly describe the main principles of both TQM and ISO9000.

Explain how TQM and ISO0999 help international companies to develop world class standards.

Businesses, especially small and medium sized businesses face significant obstacles when expanding globally. Identify the obstacles businesses face in the area of recruiting and selecting employees when first expanding into an international market. Address such issues as financial constraints, lack of contacts, cultural differences, legal issues, geographical issues, and so forth.

Reference no: EM131039899

The ethics associated with earnings management decisions

Identify an underlying ethical issue (like the ethics associated with earnings management decisions). Critique of ethical situation. Determine who could be harmed by the ethic

Juggling diversity and performance to improve productivity

Juggling Diversity and Performance to Improve Productivity. As the Billing Adjustment Department Manager at Verizon Wireless, you have been trained to handle a culturally dive

Smart goals in a marketing communications plan

Explain the use of SMART goals in a Marketing Communications Plan. Provide an example of a SMART goal. What are the three ways to determine a marketing communications budget?

Different managerial accounting concepts

Six Sigma Prepare a presentation (and write and executive summary, see below) based on a topic chosen from a list of different managerial accounting concepts. The presentation

What is the beta of the company for which she works

An investor has $25,000 invested in a stock that has an estimated beta of 1.2, and another $35,000 invested in the stock of the company for which she works. The risk-free rate

Happiness consists neither in momentary episodes of pleasure

Aristotle argues that the most important form of happiness consists neither in momentary episodes of pleasure nor in long series of such moments,but rather in the happiness on

Parts of network that represent the origins

The problem which deals with the distribution of goods from several sources to several destinations is the. Activities with zero slack. The parts of a network that represent t

Discuss how the four elements of the marketing mix

Discuss how the four elements of the marketing mix (product, pricing, distribution, and promotion) are approached for either the business banking or trust market. How does thi


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