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How do you minimize the company's potential loss of production during the "deployment period" of the new lean program; and, more importantly how do you make sure the new program sustains itself in an ongoing continuous manner without everyone reverting back to "business as usual" and your lean program becoming just another "flavor of the month" that will soon pass?

Reference no: EM131133528

Used appropriately considering the situation you observed

Provide an example of how you have used the different 5 forms of power or heard or seen someone else using them. Were these forms of power used appropriately considering the s

Order to address the reasons why it fails to deliver returns

Why IT fails to deliver returns. Next, discuss the main steps that management could take in order to address the reasons why IT fails to deliver returns. Review the main facto

Discussion-introduction to project crashing

What situations warrant project crashing? Did you ever crash an activity/project that you were responsible for? Did you require additional resources to do so? What were the

Acting on behalf of the principal in an agency relationship

In an agency relationship, someone agrees to perform a task for, and under the control of, someone else (the principal). An agent is the person who is acting on behalf of the

How the tools of reallocation seeding

Consider how the tools of reallocation (seeding, nurturing, pruning, harvesting) could be applied to organizations for which you have worked (even a small business). Give ex

Debating the connections between business-law-politics

Under what circumstances might it be ethical for the federal government to record or track calls or Internet searches without any sort of warrant? Analyze and evaluate the var

Monitoring and evaluation

Effective health care organizations recognize the importance of monitoring the implementation of a strategy as well as ongoing operations. These organizations plan ahead to

Describe accommodations-participation strategies teachers

Describe some accommodations and participation strategies teachers can use to increase engagement and motivation during instruction. How can some of these strategies provide a


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