Production and sales of electronic across the globe

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Mr. Donald is the CEO in a newly established XY company that deals with the production and sales of electronic across the globe. As an economic consultant, Mr. Donald has approached for a piece of advice on the possible and suitable strategies that his business could implement when setting prices on their products and services. Advise the CEO on some of those possible strategies.

Reference no: EM131111068

Business law for commercial transactions

The discussion assignment provides a forum for discussing relevant topics for this week based on the course competencies covered. To support your work, use the textbook, lec

How to justify the purchase of the new machines

Your company is considering the purchase of new earth movingequipment. The total purchase is $240,000 and we pay with $100,000 cash and borrow therest. (12% per year nominal

How many hours does cindy now spend playing golf

List the combinations of hours spent playing golf and tennis that Cindy can now afford. along with the combinations in part (a), list Cindy's marginal utility per dollar from

What is the monopolist''s markup over the competitive price

What is the monopolist's markup over the competitive price? Does the result of your answer change if the game is played an infinite number of times? Why or why not? Properly

Conduct research on the economic performance of usa

The problem belongs to Economics and it is discusses the preparing a report on the research on the economic performance of a country from 2004 to 2013. The country chosen he

What the game theory looks like without the law

A law was passed requiring a minimum weight for fashion models. Using game theory 2X2 matrix, show how the law prevents a prisoner's dilemma and makes the models better off. S

Economic concepts from previous modules

The government often has two conflicting roles. It protects consumers by keeping prices fair and promotes a free market (entry of firms). Suppose your firm has a special pat

What is the covariance between hp and the market

(a) What is the covariance between HP and the market? (b) What is HP's beta? (c) What is the expected return of HP? (d) What percent of HP's total risk (variance) is idiosyncr


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