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Topic Selection

This assignment is the first step in the course project. The overall project will involve determining a number of approaches and variables that a company would consider in marketing an existing product or a service to a new type of customer. This type of expansion of the customer base is a common tactic for marketers. Hence, understanding the consumer behavior aspects of such actions is important. Complete the following for this assignment:

Prior to selecting your topic, take a few moments and review the Choosing a Product Project Topic Selection presentation listed in the Resources.

After you have reviewed the presentation, identify and describe the product or service with which you would like to work.

Provide a preliminary description of the market segmentation and type of customer to whom you may target your product. In the next unit, you will provide more detail about the customer.

Note: The actual writing for this part of the project may only require a few sentences, but it may take a great deal of thinking and brainstorming.

Reference no: EM13845443

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