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Before completing production, a product must pass through three stages of production. On the average, a new product begins at stage 1 every 6 minutes. The average time it takes to process the product at each stage is as follows: stage 1, 3 minutes; stage 2, 2 minutes; stage 3, 1 minute. After finishing at stage 3, the product is inspected (assume this takes no time). Ten percent of the final products are found to have a defective nd must return to stage 1 and go through the entire system again. After completing stage 3. 20% of the final products are found to be defective. They must return to stage 2 and pass through 2 and 3 again. On the average, how many jobs are in the system? Assume that all interarrival times and service times are exponential and that each stage consists of a single server. 

Reference no: EM131143496

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