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Product Design and Development

Write an abstract of about 300 words. The abstract should cover the paper objective/aim. The purpose of the paper. This paper is a work done in the field of technical function generation for a product development process.

A short description of the content covered by the paper. A description of the research work carried out on the topic which includes clearly identifying the gap existing in the literature.

The pros and cons, limitation of the topic and any assumptions if it exists. The structure/design of the paper. Finally, the state the outcomes/conclusions and future work if any.

The author are required to write a six page, two column technical paper in about 300-3500 words on any theoretical topic related to product development process.

The template has been designed taking into consideration the page layout, margins, formatting settings and font settings.


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This paper aims to answer the question-“What is the importance of Supply Chain Management on product design and development?”. In today’s world competitive market, businesses need to co-ordinate with their suppliers, retailers, customers in order to achieve better market share and profit. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a technique that allows better handling and management of these operations. It is basically management of flow of goods and services.

SCM allows businesses to compete in this age of globalization where customers have a large range of options to choose from . This paper contributes to the gap in literature relating to how does SCM affect the design process , which has been considered as an important area and has a huge scope for further research.

Many researches have been done in this field , mostly about procurement, customer service, manufacturing flow, management methods etc. However, management of quality of product needs immediate attention as this forms an important part of SCM, as this deals with customer satisfaction, product recall etc. Businesses all over the world rely on SCM nowadays.

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