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Position Players : We just kept adding people that are better than us."

We introduced Holden Outerwear in our Video Case, where we focused on product design and global distribution.

The video introduced cofounder Mikev LeBlanc, who launched Holden in 2002 with partner Scott Zergebel. The founders hired a CEO, former Adidas executive Ben Pruess, in 1011, and LeBlanc currently serves as -marketing director: Zergebel. who doesn't appear in the first video but who does make an uncredited cameo in this one, is identified as -creative director."

This video is all about the approach to teamwork among Holden managers, and LeBlanc gets things started with the inevitable sports analogy. His sentiments are pretty much in line with those of most contemporary managers:

You can watch an NBA quoteunquote team that's got this superstar that totally just wants to be the stud and doesn't work well with anybody else. Or pu can watch a great team that really wort together, and that's what we're trying to have here at Holden.

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Reference no: EM13316201

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