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1) Consider Netflix. Where is this product/service currently in the Product Life Cycle? Explain you answer?

What marketing strategies would you recommend for maximizing sales given the stage this product is in?

2) Without using examples from the book, for each of the following branding strategies give an example of a company that utilizes (i) Family Branding, (ii) Individual Branding, and (iii) Co-Branding. Explain your answers including the differences between each branding strategy.

3) Compare air travel for business purposes versus vacation purposes in terms of Price Elasticity. Which is more/less elastic? Explain your answers.

Reference no: EM132235105

Impact on organizational effectiveness and productivity

Identify 5-6 contemporary challenges for organizations and rank them according to its impact on organizational effectiveness and productivity. Are there any countries in the E

What are the infrastructural challenges for m-commerce

What are the advantages and disadvantages of collaborative planning? Can you also tell me the kinds of events in collaborative commerce that are really un-plannable? What are

Prepare a scope statement for a coffee shop

Prepare a scope statement for a coffee shop. Remember to be tangible, measurable, and specific. The components: Project Objective, Deliverables, Milestones, Technical Requir

Is it economical to replace one of current four facilities

Assigned four facilites to four locations when the operation cost (in million$) of facilities are given in the following table. Location Facilities 1 2 3 4 1 90 75 75 80 2 35

Analyze the supply chain from both product and service

Select and review Operations and Supply / Value Chain as well as the global competitive landscape for one company in your industry using the IBISWorld and Mergent Online dat

Discuss the difference between an individualistic country

Discuss the difference between an individualistic country and a collectivistic/social relationships oriented country. Give an example of each country. Discuss the concept of i

Taft-hartley amendments and the landrum-griffin act

Several national labor policies were created with the establishment of unions. Discuss the impact of the Norris-LaGuardia Act, The Wagner Act, Executive Order 10988, Women’s T

Calculate the p-chart three stigma control limits to assess

Management in Webster, in Problem 16 is now concerned as to whether caulking tubes are being properly capped. If significant portion of the tubes are not being sealed, Webster


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