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Quink Inc has determined that the price they can charge for quinks depends on the number produced and is given by the equation p = 60e-0.004x, where x is the number produced in thousands. What value of x produces the maximum revenue? Give youranswer to the nearest whole number

Reference no: EM13337875

Diagnosis and treatment of pediatric problems

A Children's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, has long been considered an outstanding medical center specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric problems.

What do we learn about stein as a critic

What do we learn about Hemingway's life during this period? Comment the last sentence of the chapter. What do we learn about Stein as a critic? How does Hemingway describe Sco

Discuss story about the events at the coronation

You are a guest at Macbeth's coronation; during dinner, Macbeth sees Banquo's ghost. Using first person point of view, write a narrative that tells a story about the events at

Is it ethical for a photographer to draw emotional response

Considering that photography is a medium that can convey a million emotions in one simple image, is it ethical for a photographer to draw more emotional response by digitall

Max webers concept of life chances

Discuss how an individual's social class position at birth may affect what Max Weber called "life chances"? Discuss how "life chances" may affect an individual's life goals (p

Protection of unreasonable searches and seizures

Please describe the â??emergency administrative searchâ? exception to the general rule that a warrant must be issued for a lawful search. a) What is â??reasonable suspicion

Descartes maintains that dream images are like painted image

Descartes thinks that he should reject only those opinions that he can show to be false. descartes maintains that dream images are like painted images in so far as they are pr

Describe the different types of attraction

Describe at least two unique rites of passage to adulthood on the basis of ethnic or cultural variations. Explain the concepts of pluralism and assimilation and describe how t


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