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Automata Inc. produces specialty vehicles by contract. The company operates severaldepartments, each of which builds a particular vehicle, such as a limousine, a truck, a van, oran RV. Before a new vehicle is built, the department places an order with the purchasingdepartment to request specific components. Automata's purchasing department is interestedin creating a database to keep track of orders and to accelerate the process of deliveringmaterials.The order received by the purchasing department may contain several different items. Aninventory is maintained so that the most frequently requested items are delivered almostimmediately. When an order comes in, it is checked to determine whether the requested itemis in inventory. If an item is not in inventory, it must be ordered from a supplier. Each itemmay have several suppliers

Reference no: EM131160234

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Could someone answer to this discussion board, please? The book provided is Programming Logic and Design. "Definite versus Indefinite Loops"  Please respond to the following:

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Summary of everything

This final section is a summary of everything you have learned about your company.  Briefly recap what you have learned, and state your opinion on whether or not the stock i


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