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Two firms U and T produce exactly the same products and are 2000 miles apart. The production cost for T is $75 and for U is $120. Transportation cost for T is $.8 per unit per mile and for U is $.9 per unit per mile. Specify the market area for U and T.

Reference no: EM131368757

Felix has asked you for advice on implementing this solution

Felix Navidad, an independent artist, paints large sculptured seasonal themed figurines for sale during the holiday season. This year he will focus on painting and selling San

What is the information systems strategy of ebay

What is The information Systems Strategy (IS) of Ebay? What is The Information and Communication Technology Strategy (ICT) of Ebay? What is The e-Commerce Strategy (EC ) of Eb

Formulate a linear programming model that will enable

formulate a linear programming model that will enable the farmer to determine th number of acres where sugarcane and/or corn should be planted in order to maximize profit fr

Social security benefits by increasing the payroll tax

Imagine that congress decided to fund an increase in Social Security benefits by increasing the payroll tax on employers. Would this prevent employees from being affected by t

Assume that interest payments were initially required

This year Evan graduated from college, and took a job as a deliveryman in the city. Evan was paid a salary of $68,500 and he received $700 in hourly pay for part-time work ove

Non-willing participants in relation to entertainment

What do you believe the responsibility of networks should be toward willing and non-willing participants in relation to entertainment, such as reality shows, and news broadcas

Effectiveness of manager using ethical decision

Find an example(s) to compare the effectiveness of manager’s using an "ethical" decision making process within their organization and how these systems resulted in various out

What is the order processing time

At a factory that produces special widgets there are 43 arrivals per day. These are then split into 2 group sizes of 10. The groups then arrive to the first station where ther


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