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Assignment Requirements -

In this CT assignment, we will examine a real dataset and make appropriate decisions based on confidence interval.

Download the dataset MORTGAGE30US.xls. This dataset contains 30-year fixed rate mortgage weekly averages from 1/7/2010 to 8/16/2018. Put your dataset into in the myfolders/MIS445 on your computer. Then complete the following steps and questions:

a. Using SAS, produce an appropriate graphical summary of the dataset. Why did you choose this graph? Explain.

b. Using SAS, compute the mean, standard deviation, and a five-number summary of the dataset. Describe the center and spread.

c. Using SAS, construct a 95% confidence interval for the mean weekly averages. Interpret this confidence interval.

d. A mortgage broker claims that the mean rate will be higher than 4.60% in the following week. Based on the confidence interval, is this a reasonable claim? Explain.

Take the screenshots of the SAS output and paste them into a Word document along your answers to the questions above. Clearly label the questions and answers.

There are some stages that need to be completed to perform a test:

1) Write down the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis;

2) Set the significance level α; the common choices for α are 0.05, 0.01 or 0.1; in general, α is indicated in the text of the problem, but if it is missing, then it is considered to be α=0.05.

3) Find the p-value;

4) Compare the p-value with the significance level: if the p-value is greater than the significance level, then we fail to reject the null hypothesis; if the p-value is less than the significance level, then we reject the null hypothesis.

5) State the conclusion in non-technical terms.

Attachment:- Assignment Files.rar

Reference no: EM132280829

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Instructions: The assignment and instructor provided guide at in the attached word document. The excel dataset is also attached. I have already put in my screenshots from the code commands from SAS Studio into the word document. Requesting quote to interpret some of the output based on the assignment requirements around the right kind of graph to use, the center and spread, and the confidence interval. Take the screenshots of the SAS output and paste them into a Word document along your answers to the questions above. Clearly label the questions and answers. Submit the Word file in Canvas. Use the mean and the median to interpret the center. Use the standard deviation to interpret the spread. Please write your conclusion corresponding to a hypothesis test in technical and non-technical terms. I want to see both forms.

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