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Produce a design report for one design of the product based on one of the scenarios covered on the following pages.

? please confirm that the answer will be for a bike carrier as per Tma and will have an autocad drawing attached?.


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Bike racking is a necessary demand for the cities on every second of the road. As per due to the Interantional Bureau of Transportation it give right to the installation of the short term bicycle racks in the public right-of-way, and also in the possibilities of the shifting of the apartments,or when we go for ride or for the trekking to somewhere.

Where the bike or bicycle is the only source of the transportation so such cases we have to a implement a method by which we can easily carry our bike with us and maintain the use of the every inch in the car or our vaccant place.

This method is bike racking and it is beneficial to extent of the time and this method is used every where for cars, road-of-ways parking. So in this project our main aim is to design for a bike rack which is used for the car to carry two bike one male bike nd the other female bike.

The different parameters used here are taken from the different experiement, by measuring the dimensions of the bike , its width the height of the bike and the width of rack is estimated by seeing the above parameter of the bike design.

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