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JSP Forms The goal of this problem set is to build a form and a way to process the information on the server. You will need to build a form that collects the following information and saves it to a table named SHIPPING_INFO:

  • Order ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State (Dropdown menu: Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, California, and New York)
  • Zip Code
  • Total Weight (in pounds)
  • Number of Boxes
  • Email Address
  • Email Notifications? (Checkbox option)
  • Shipping Options (Radio button options: Rush Shipping, Standard)
  • Comments (text area) Using the Post method, build a form handler that will accept the data, calculate a total, save the results to the database and output the data in the form of a table that can be used as a packing slip when printed. The output should be professionally formatted and easy to read. The database table should also include a column named TOTAL that includes the calculated shipping cost. The user should not be able to edit this value and the results should be included in your output. The cost should be $1.25 per pound with a minimum of 1 pound being required to ship anything. For each box shipped, there is a charge of $5 per box with a minimum of 1 box perorder. Rush Shipping has an additional charge of $20 per box. The user should be notified of any problems encountered during the processing of the order. The HTML page should be named ps4form.jsp and the JSP form handler should be named ps4processor.jsp. Create an additional page named ps4list.jsp that lists each of the orders using the following information. When the user clicks on an Order ID, it should automatically redirect the user ps4form.jsp page with the form completely populated with the data from the table. If the user clicks on the delete link, the order should be removed by directing them to the ps4delete.jsp page, which should redirect the user back to the ps4form.jsp page after removing the record.

Reference no: EM13861875

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